**MATCHED** Tyler

-MATCHED- Meet Tyler! Tyler is a fun-loving, sweet and intelligent child, who loves to color and play video games.

Tyler is very attentive and respectful. He enjoys helping around the home and being part of a family. Tyler loves school and he loves to interact with his friends at school. reading is his favorite subject. He made the principal honor roll for the last years. He dislikes other children being bullies. Tyler wants to be a part of a family that would love him for who he is. He stated that sometimes he doesn't always get things right and he would like for his forever family to be patient because he is always learning. He's an excellent communicator and he likes being engaged in conversation. Tyler wants to one day travel and see everything, nothing particular, he just loves everything.

AGE: 16

Photographed By: Sabrinna with Little's Photography, Bienaime Studio and Michael Murphy Photographic Studios

NBC6 Video 10/7/2021: Forever Family: Tyler – NBC 6 South Florida (nbcmiami.com)

Meet Tyler

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