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March 26, 2013


This story ran in our May 2009 newsletter. It's still one of our favorites! Eleven-year-old Robert has waited all of his life for his special Forever Family to come along. Now he's found them 2,000 miles away! Anyone who sees Robert in the Heart Gallery video feels a connection with him as he interacts with [...]

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September 28 2012

Trini Adopts her 20th Foster Child! "

This is the last time!", said Trini at the recent adoption of Matthew and James , her 19th and 20th children adopted from foster care. You couldn't help but get the feeling that she's said that before, but this time she means it. "I'm getting too old". This time, 17-year-old James found her. He lived in a group [...]

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September 18, 2012

Elijah and Isaiah Find Their Forever Family!

Darryl had always planned to be a dad, but he never found the right woman to be the mother of his children. In his late 40's and never married, he decided that he wanted to fulfill his dream of fatherhood through adoption. That dream was realized when he met brothers Elijah and Isaiah, ages 7 [...]

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