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Steps To Becoming A Foster Parent

In Broward County, foster parents are trained and licensed by individual agencies that directly supervise the children. For a list of these agencies, click here. If you do not live in Broward, contact your local government to find out how the process works in your area.

At the start of the MAPP training, potential foster parents are given a participants' manual that contains all of the required homework and forms. Upon completion of the training and submission of the MAPP homework, family profiles and brief life stories, prospective foster parents are issued a MAPP certificate. A licensing counselor will then give each family a packet that contains licensing forms required by the state and local licensing agency. Staff will be available to assist in the completion of any required paper work.

During your MAPP training, you will begin the process of being fingerprinted and completing a thorough background screening. All adults living in your household and any potential babysitters for your foster children must be successfully screened.

Interested in becoming a foster parent click here

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